About Me

Hello. I’m Anna and my passion is people. My passion is YOU.

I’m a Human Design guide and mentor. I prefer to call myself a guide because that’s what I do. I guide you using the tools I have, but you do the work. You have all the answers inside you, and I will help you unpack your truth.

Curiosity is my inner compass; I’ve always pursued whatever piqued my interest. My curiosity has taken me far and wide, from a small town in western Sweden to college studies in the US and work in the UK. It made me try different jobs and hobbies.

My career has been in the entertainment, media, and fashion industries. I’ve loved it, but I could never really shake the feeling that I was supposed to be doing something else.

After a personally challenging 2019 things started to shift. Perspectives started to change. I was forced into reflection and deep self-inquiry, which led me to my biggest realization – my main curiosity has always been other people.

I have always been able to really ‘see’ people. I have loved seeing what others are great at, recommending them for jobs and connecting them with new opportunities. I’ve loved the interviewing process when I’ve recruited new team members. I’ve also loved being a mentor to those recruits as well as mentoring a teenage girl in my spare time. So here I am feeling called to guide others into their truest potential.

I believe that everyone is amazing just the way they are. I believe everyone should forge their own path. I believe everyone is meant to follow what lights them up instead of following others. You are unique and that is your power.

I’m a trained Human Design reader and through the lens of Human Design, Astrology and the Gene Keys, along with my mentoring background, I truly want to guide you back to yourself.

I hope to see you soon!